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Joe Alicastro, Guitar

Like many of his generation Joe began playing guitar at age 10 (shortly after seeing the Beatles appear on the Ed Sullivan Show). Joe played with a variety of rock and blues bands in New York and Boston during his high school and college days. "During those years, I also got out as often as I could to see jazz artists in the many clubs in the New York and Boston." Working as an award-winning producer for NBC News for over 25 years, his love for music never ceased. He continued to play in many different musical venues, very often with Sidetrack bassist Bob Miller. Good friends for many years, Miller and Alicastro met as neighbors in Greenwich Village in 1978. Most recently Joe was the guitarist for the Mercy Street Blues Band and was responsible for introducing most of the jazz elements incorporated into the group’s blues foundation.

Sidetrack's Musicians

Music and laughter since 2006.

Bud Kroll, Drums

Bud has played a wide range of percussion styles including classical, jazz, rock, and musical theater over more than fifty years as a percussionist. At Stanford University he played in the Stanford University Marching Band, Stanford Wind Ensemble, and Mr. Manning's jazz group A Little Night Music. Bud has appointed himself Sidetrack's recording engineer as a pathetically transparent excuse to purchase more recording gear.

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Ed Manning, Keyboards

Ed says he'll send his bio in just as soon as his psychiatric sessions perfect a truly troubling set of invented memories. 

While you are waiting for Ed to tell us, why not listen to some of Ed's compositions.

Bob Miller, Bass

Bob has had a long, varied, multi-instrumental musical history. He began formal study of percussion at age 6, being drawn to drums practically from birth. After studying with noted percussionist Fred Albright for many years, he continued drumming while also branching out to pretty much any instrument he could get his hands on.

In high school, Miller studied music theory, conducting, and arranging. In addition, he played bass in a rock band, percussion in classical ensembles, and guitar and piano in a "society" band. College brought continued percussion studies at the Eastman School of Music and regular performances with soul, jazz, theatrical, and classical ensembles.

Miller''s musical journey has included performances with legendary saxophonist and band leader Frank Foster, noted NYC drummer Newman Taylor Baker, popular Jewish rock group Mah Tovu, and numerous appearances in social, community, and religious settings. He has taken master classes on bass and guitar, and experimented with computerized music applications.

Mr. Miller is thrilled to continue his long association with versatile guitarist Joe Alicastro. He is elated to have been a force in getting Bud Kroll back to the drum kit and honored to belong to a unit that includes keyboard master Ed Manning.

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