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My Home Studio

Is playing in a band just a thinly veiled excuse to buy more gear?


My Tracking Room Audio Gear

Recording Interface (total of 24 channels in):

Presonus Quantum 2626 (8 channels)

Focusrite Scarlett OctoPre ADAT preamp (8 additional channels)
Presonus DigiMax D8 ADAT preamp (8 additional channels)

Audix D6 (Kick)

Audix ADX51 (2 overheads and hi-hat)

Audix i5 (Snare Top)

Audix D4 (floor tom)

Audix D2 (rack tom and snare bottom)

Cascade FatHead Ribbon mic (Drum room Sound)

Roswell Pro Audio Mini K-87 (Horns, Guitar Cabinet amping)

4 Switchable Shure SM-58s for talkback mics
2 standard Shure SM-58s

3 Shure SM-57s for guitar cabinet, extra horns

MIDI Controller Pad:  Presonus ATOM

Musician Headphones:  Sony MDR-7506, Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro, Presonus HD7
​Headphone Amplifier:  Presonus HP-60

Tracking Computer:  

Mac Mini M1 16GB Unified RAM | 1TB SSD

Tracking Software:  

Presonus Studio One 6.1 Professional (with Sphere)

Amp Modeling Software for guitar/bass:  ​Presonus Ampire

MIDI Keyboard Controller:  Studiologic SL-73

Recording Interface for Piano MIDI instruments:

Presonus Studio 1824C

MIDI voices for Controller:

Presonus Studio One 6.1 Professional (with Sphere) 

through  MacBook Pro 16" (2020)

Acoustic Drums:

2005 Gretsch Custom Be-Bop Kit:  18x18 BD, 12x8 Tom, 14x14 Floor Tom 

Craviotto Birdseye Maple Snare 14x5½ 10 lug
K Zildjian Special Dry Ride 21"

Bosphorus 19" Masters crash

Bosphorus Turk Dark Hi Hats 14"

Sabian Jack DeJohnette 21" Encore 2560g flat ride

Istanbul Agop Turk 22" Jazz Ride


Alesis Command Mesh

Superior Drummer 3

My mixing room audio gear

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